Personal Data

Dear reader:

My name is Jose Molina Cornejo and my personal card can see in the image shown to the right of these paragraphs. If you want to enlarge click on it.

I started my career as a cartoonist in the mid-eighties in the Costa del Sol but due to the limited computer resources than those available at the time, the website exists only since 2001. He held exhibitions and participated in various conferences cartoonists professionals nationally and internationally and belong to the international Society of Caricature Artists (ISCA) and the Asociación Española de Caricaturistas (AEC).

I have taken classes in drawing and painting both with private tutors and in community centers and art schools. One of the things that helped me to develop my business classes have been sculpting and modeling.

My work as a cartoonist I have performed in events of different nature: part of private booths at conferences and professional meetings of physicians, pharmacists, etc.; Parties business or tourist groups, participation in TV shows such as "Entre dos mares", "Hola Chicos!", etc.

Throughout my career I have used various techniques of painting, I started with crayons, then I decided to paint with pastels (especially to color), and since the beginning of the new millennium using watercolors.

Some Examples of Groups

Group Caricature (Academia Pascal)

During the 1987-1988 academic year I made one of my first caricature in the group of fellow students to "BASIC Programming" Pascal Academy of Torremolinos near the teacher to implement the same.

It is done with pastel on A3 size paper. In those days was not developed the "digital tecnology", so it is made from photographs on paper.

The letters were embedded with templates of letters of various sizes applied by friction.

Golfers Group (Golf Clubof Málaga)

It was made from a photo of each of the members of the club. Some of them really bad for the purpose.

Also in A3 size, suitable for reproduction by a color copier.

Digital photography was still very underdeveloped, and the photo editor.

The technique was pastel on paper.

Institute Group (IBN Al-Baytar - Benalmádena)

This orla has been made with computer techniques. The design and letters have been generated by a graphics program (I think Aldous PageMaker, then the program the company owned by Adobe).

Clearly the improvement in graphic design, using geometric forms and letters generated by a computer program, and is also evident the benefit of the alignment and other possibilities of using the computer.

But in those days was not developed digital photography (and prices were primitive), and the photo editor was not very developed.

Painted in pastel on paper, the composition scale, was to create oval holes in each dedicated to photos, and pictures cut out and mounted on the back.

Orla UMA

University Group (University of Málaga)

Also performed with computer techniques, although slightly improved. The program was used CorelDRAW, and digital photos.

With a more powerful computer retouching was possible (still rudimentary).

Already at that time began to run this website and graphic design and was more consolidated.

In this case, the cartoons were painted with watercolors, and participants have landed (there is only one exception).

Some Clients (the jewel in the crown)

As a moto

It is customary to ask me weird things. In this case, two bakers who were late to the wedding in motilla delivery.

All dancing

Dancing the dog?. The reasons holidays are a constant in the design requests. Among the most requested highlights the revelry.

More activity

Ya sea en moto, en coche o en patinete; las actividades favoritas de los clientes se descubren en cada dibujo.

... And now, a medley ...

More graphic documentation

Between 1998 and 1999 I worked in regional television show (also had national coverage) "Between Two Seas", making caricatures of guests every day. On that occasion I had the opportunity to caricature several characters of the moment, such as Mari Pepa Estrada, Gabi (Gabi, Fofó and Miliki), Manuel Blasco (Picasso's cousin), some characters from the gossip of those years as Gunila Alfonso de Hohenlohe, and several characters of the present social and political time.

In those years I made an exhibition of drawings, watercolors shared with Maria Luisa Hirold, in the House of Culture in Torremolinos (Today "House of Music"). Tube lasts a fortnight, and was endorsed by the municipality. The video cuts presented was provided by local television.

In the Costa del Sol, in the municipality of Benalmádena, there was a mini-conference where we met cartoonists cartoonists from around the world. The video cuts presented was provided by local television.